Elozo Waterless Ozone
Cleaning System

Cost-effective and safe ways to eliminate odor and bacteria from delicate costumes, clothing, equipment and other similar items.


Enhanced Generator

Lab Tested + Hospital Approved

Elozo Designed Technology

Service Part w/ Maintenance Package

Elozo D800

The Elozo® D800 represents a clean technology product and solution for professional and public usage to create safer and healthier surroundings.

Elozo cleaning systems are suitable for most public facilities: theaters, theme parks, cruise ships, transportation hubs, sports, laboratories, hospitals and public services (i.e., police and fire departments).

Elozo will substantially reduce cleaning costs, while increasing the lifespan of your items. For example, some theaters have reported a 60% reduction in cleaning costs for performance items and props.

Disinfect & Sanitize

Elozo uses Active Oxygen (O3) to disinfect and eliminate odor molecules significantly reducing or (with prolonged usage) eliminating microbial impurities, bacteria, viruses, fungi, as well as parasites. This list is constantly expanding due to regular testing against new organisms and possible harmful substances.

Active Oxygen is know to be more effective than just UV based cleaning solutions, treating items without water contact or additional substances, thus achieving better and safer results. It also serves as a natural antimicrobial agent (more powerful and less harmful than chlorine) that easily passes through pores and membranes of an item to clean the surface from non-visible impurities.

Elozo’s environmentally friendly system has low power consumption. This cleaning system operates without using water, detergents or other substances, which creates no waste or water discharge, helping customers significantly reduce their impact on nature.

Made in Finland

The D800 is designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland and Elozo is patented and certified to be among the safest and most efficient device of its kind on the market.

AGM Container Controls is the exclusive distributor for Elozo in North America.