About Elozo

Who We Are

Elozo Oy is a Scandinavian company specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing environmentally friendly hygiene solutions based on the application of ozone. Elozo was founded in spring 2007 and it is located near the city of Vaasa in West Finland.

Elozo Oy is a subsidiary of HTT-Group Oy that employs over 30 people in Finland and with its subsidiary and subcontractor approximately 100 people in Estonia.

Elozo’s products are Ozone Cleaning Systems, which are sold in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Germany and beyond. Elozo Ozone Cleaning System was introduced in the United Kingdom in 2009 and in Germany in 2011.

The Elozo products are made in Finland.

The target sectors for Elozo products include companies and organizations for whom the high hygiene level of clothes/costumes, footwear, personal protective gear, tools etc. is important:

  • Theatres, operas, costume rental services, culture sector in general
  • Authorities (law enforcement, rescue services etc.)
  • Dry cleaners and cleaning services
  • Food industry
  • Healthcare



Elozo Oy has been a member of Cleantech Finland since June 2010. CleanTech Finland is an association of trusted Finnish companies, which produce and design cleantech products and services.

The Distributor for North America

AGM Container Controls (AGM) is Elozo’s exclusive North American distributor. Since 1970, AGM is a manufacturer of environmental control hardware for the military, defense, aerospace, industrial and container markets.

AGM is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company, as well as a quality management system that is certified to ISO9001/AS9100 to ensure the utmost quality in our processes to provide high quality products and services.